Test Results


Photo was taken during actual operation into an impedance matched 50 ohm load. (Photo may be enlarged by clicking on it once)

Output power shown is in excess of 1 megawatt ( 1 million watts).

Into a lower resistance 8 ohm load, the generator immediately overloads brand new 600 amp maximum rated ammeters, the largest ammeters we currently have on hand, and 5,000 v DC max voltmeters, while consuming under 1,700 watts from an ordinary 120v wall outlet.  600 amps x 5,000 volts = 3 million watts minimum when attached to an 8 ohm load while drawing under 1,700 watts.

In this photo we see the needle pegged on a 5,000 volt DC reading on the black Simpson Model 260 analog voltmeter,  “OL” overload reading on the Fluke 200 amp rated ammeter,  the 122.8 red LED reading is the wall voltage, the 1,560 red LED reading are the watts currently being consumed by the generator.  This is the first prototype.  A more powerful version is being constructed which will still fit inside the diamond plate truck box pictured above.

The generator can also be configured to run off a single deep cycle battery & invertor mounted inside the enclosure to power electric vehicles, trucks, locomotives, homes, industry, business, etc.

2 U.S. Patents have been awarded on this new technology, 2 more are currently underway at USPTO.

This technology is ideally suited to retrofit existing power plants or build new plants or sub stations to amplify incoming electricity without any heat, no emissions, no waste, nothing consumed.    It does not violate the laws of thermodynamics.  The laws of thermodynamics have overlooked many things to date.

Environmental Impact

Generating electricity with Schulte Research Corp clean zero-emission generators will prevent the emission of pollutants like sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) associated with burning fossil fuels.

During 2011, environmental emissions avoided due to nuclear power plant operation instead of coal or natural gas in Michigan alone included 89,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, 29,000 tons of nitrogen oxide and 29 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.*

Emissions of SO2 lead to the formation of acid rain. NOx is a key precursor of both ground-level ozone and smog. Greenhouse gases like CO2 contribute to global warming.

* Source: Emissions avoided by nuclear power are calculated using regional fossil fuel emissions rates from the Environmental Protection Agency and plant generation data from the Energy Information Administration.