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What is It? 

The Schulte Research Corporation Power Generator is a new, innovative, and revolutionary approach to directly produce electricity without any fuel, waste or harmful emissions. The ultimate green renewable energy device. No sunshine or wind needed. The unit remains cold – no excess heat. It passively amplifies electricity based upon new theories by David J Schulte on how electricity works. The results are undeniable.

This type of technology was being sought by Nikola Tesla himself and Albert Einstein theorized it was possible but no one to date has developed a device with such high sustainable output. Actual measurable output net gain is over 1,000x the battery or wall power needed to turn on the generator. It consumes nothing. 1 part can wear out. With adequate funding that part can already be replaced for decades of use. Set & forget technology: no personnel needed to monitor it.

It was invented solely by David J. Schulte, Chairman & Founder of Schulte Research Corporation.

Most importantly IT ALREADY WORKS!!!!!

How Does It Work?

Through a novel approach, electricity is simply amplified passively. Electricity is simply a resonance (60Hz frequency) & a force (Amperage) & a potential difference (Voltage) exerted upon conductors or emitted through the air. The force may be multiplied & the voltage may be expanded. SRC’s Generator is a force multiplier and potential difference spreader.

•Multiple U.S. Patents have been awarded to David J. Schulte on this technology. More patents are currently underway.

•The SRC Power Generator, with its inverter, battery to start it and all required peripherals will fit in a box weighing less than 100 lbs.

•Schulte Research seeks immediate funding to obtain a facility to continue designing and prototyping and purchase equipment in order to make this a commercial reality for us all.page1image3088

Potential Applications

•The SRC electricity generator could simply be employed to boil water to quickly and easily retrofit existing nuclear/coal/gas fired power plants where over $1 trillion U.S. dollars in profits awaits the right venture capital firm willing to do what it takes. Power all electric cars & trucks without the big expensive battery. Far more $$$ in profits

•Autonomous electrically powered cars with unlimited autonomy. Plug your car into the power grid at night to earn $$$ from the utility company.

•Any other method of transportation (air, water or land). i.e. retrofitting diesel electric locomotives, nuclear ships & submarines

•Power plants – Retrofitting existing power plants. Build new ones. •Homes, industry, business, cell phone towers, grid booster stations •Military, Space, Yacht markets

Energy is the Largest Market in the World!page1image3088

Thank You

Schulte Research Corporation POWER GENERATOR