What is It? 

The Schulte Research Corporation Electricity Generator is a brand new, highly innovative and revolutionary approach to produce electricity without any fuel, waste or harmful emissions.

The SRC generator passively amplifies electricity based upon new theories by David J. Schulte concerning what electricity truly is & how electricity actually works.

SRC holds the ultimate green renewable energy technology.  No raw materials are consumed – no waste, emissions nor exhaust are emitted.

SRC’s generator remains cold –almost no heat in the passive amplifier version,  yet capable of extreme heat in the fusion version.

                   Most importantly IT WORKS

This passive electricity amplification approach was being sought by Nikola Tesla.  Albert Einstein theorized it was possible but no one to date had developed a device that worked.

SRC’s technology is not zero-point energy.   

Actual measurable output net gain is presently  well over 1,000 times the ordinary AC wall power needed to operate the generator.  The prototype consumes less then 1,800 watts of AC electricity from an ordinary wall outlet.

SRC is developing a higher output version to utilize in constructing a new “totally green” power plant.

SRC’s technology is largely “set & forget”.  No fines for pollution.  Dramatically lower operating costs will be realized over traditional power plants,  affording much greater profit margins for power plant owner-operators utilizing SRC’s unique technology.

How Does It Work?

Through a novel approach, electricity is amplified passively.  Electricity is simply a resonance (60Hz frequency in USA) & a force (Amperage) & a potential difference (Voltage) exerted upon conductors or emitted through the air. The force may be multiplied & the voltage may be expanded through a new highly novel method.  SRC’s generator is a force multiplier and potential difference expander.

•Multiple U.S. Patents have been awarded to David J. Schulte on this technology.  More patents are currently underway at USPTO.

•SRC’s passive 1,000x net gain prototype generator fits in a truck box weighing less than 100 lbs as pictured on this website.

Potential Applications

• Retrofit coal & nuclear power plants where HUGE profits await.  Install on site at wind power generation sites to amplify power output to the grid.

Each conventional nuclear power plant produces about 20 metric tons of high-level waste that’s radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years.

  Coal-fired power plants release large amounts of greenhouse & radioactive gases daily into the air we breathe. Radioactive substances are always found mixed in with coal in the Earth.

Energy is the Largest

Market in the World

Schulte Research Corp is also developing a new type of Helium Fusion Reactor.  SRC’s totally unique fusion technology is capable of fusing any lightweight gas(s) such as Helium-3. page1image3088

Extreme high temperatures have been repeatedly achieved in experiments, hot enough to immediately vaporize the toughest metals on earth, which results in producing an extremely bright pure white light heat with less then 1,800 watts of AC wall power.

SRC is not accepting any outside funding on either generator technology.

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